5 Tips Before Hooking Up With A Known Slut

Whether you’re in high school, college or even a damn nursing home, we all know that one slut who will sleep with anyone willing. Enticing at times, yet gross at others—sleeping with a slut has its rewards and it definitely has its risks.
If you’re wild enough to give it a go or drunk enough to not care, there are a few tips I suggest you check out beforehand. Or after hand, if it’s too late. Either way, be careful, have fun and follow these rules to ensure you make it out in one piece.

Wrap It, Before You Tap It
The most important rule without a doubt. Say what you will about condoms—I know how unpopular they are, trust me—but I’d rather wear one this time with a slut rather than every time for the rest of my life due to a STD.
I’m not saying all sluts have STDs, but, I mean, they definitely have a better chance of having one. Be smart, wear a condom and prevent any risk of contracting an STD. Or even better, prevent any chance of having a child with a slut!

Don’t Catch Feelings
Sluts can be very tricky at times. Their lack of emotional connection may cause yours to strengthen—always wanting what you can’t have—but do not let this be the case.
Don’t find yourself consumed by her dirty tricks in bed or crude behavior at the bar; no matter how invigorating. She is merely putting on a show and you are her audience; but just like most shows, there’s usually a different audience every night.

Don’t Boast
For most men, there are two essential steps to the art of getting laid. First, of course, is the act of getting laid. And second… well the second part is boasting to all your friends about it after.
No bro gets laid without his bros knowing; whether it’s telling them all about it, showing pictures to prove it or merely saying, “Hey, I just had sex with Jane—it was awesome,” no lay is complete until his buddies know about it.
In this case though, I’d certainly keep the boasting to a minimum. You’re definitely not the first person to sleep with her and you may not want to discover who else has as well. That, and she may be kinda gross. No offense ladies, but most of you sluts aren’t usually the best looking women—just easy.

Don’t Stay the Night
If things have heated up and you’ve found yourself back at her place, don’t stay the night once all the fun is over. Instead, stick around for a bit, enjoy a nice glass of water or a beer, and then get outta there.
This girl is a seasoned veteran; she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. And from the looks of her track record, she doesn’t want a cuddle buddy whom she can tell all her secrets. She already got what she wanted 15 minutes ago.
So don’t stay the night, but instead head out to immediately start telling all your bros. If you guys were at your house instead, merely wait for her to leave or for her to stay. If you truly don’t want her to stay, then say something, but if you don’t care either way then just wait to see what she does.

Don’t Text Her First After
Keep in mind that this rule only applies if you wish to sleep with her again. If you were fine with the one and done, then seeing her again is the last of your worries I’m sure.
Now I absolutely hate those who play mind games, especially over text messaging, but this isn’t your typical case. After sleeping with a slut, it is important that you aren’t the one to text her first.
She is used to this—she has guys doing it every weekend I’m sure—so don’t do it. If she had a good time and wants more of you, she’ll make the effort and reach out; this is a girl who is used to going after what she wants.
If you are still interested and haven’t heard from her, merely keep your eyes open for her next time you’re at the bar. It will be better to run into her in person, rather than texting her. It’ll seem as though you aren’t interested in her since you’re out and about again and haven’t messaged her yet..and sluts always want what they can’t have.

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