Why you should consider hooking up with nerds

Though you find your one nerdy friend is cute and that they’re total relationship material, you might find yourself hung up on one unknown: will they even be good in bed?
While looks and sex certainly isnít everything in a relationship it sure is important. And unfortunately for your cute nerdy friends who are wildly intelligent and maybe a little socially awkward and they probably fall victim to the stereotype that nerds are bad in bed.
But let me let you in on a little secret: sex with nerds is usually pretty standard, dare I say even above average. Sure, you might not think the kid wearing running shoes and jeans paired with an anime shirt is any good between the sheets but you might be surprised.
Here are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t pass up sleeping with your charming physics tutor just because he spends his life playing Xbox.
1. They’re less prone to exhibit fuckboy-like behavior

Unlike members of mainstream culture, nerds usually donít take pride in being douchey assholes. Sure, there are plenty of geeks that are rude but they usually are too busy being real live internet trolls to attract any kind of positive attention. You are infinitely more likely to know if a nerd is going to be an douche bag or a total bitch soon after meeting them for the first time. Members of this subculture are much more interested in playing videogames than mind games. So post amazing sex theyíre not going to ghost you or demote you to a booty call, theyíll be upfront about their intentions.


2. Their interests are strange, so theyíre probably down to try that weird thing you like ñ and they wonít make fun of you for it either.

Do you have some pretty filthy fantasies? Have you always wanted to try that one dirty thing in bed but never had the courage to tell a partner about it? Well, you should consider taking a nerd as a lover. Why? Because nerds are reminded on a regular basis that their interests deviate from the norm and that they are weird because of it. So why would they shame you in the same way for wanting to get a little freaky in bed? Theyíre more likely to understand where that desire comes from and fulfill it for you. You just might want be prepared to do some Star Wars roleplaying in return. Iím kidding. Mostly.


3. What do you think they spend hours fantasizing about? The new Red Dead Redemption installment? Yes, but also sex.

While nerds spend a lot of time obsessing over their favorite fandoms, they also probably spend a lot of time thinking about all the sex theyíre not having. You leave someone alone with a reasonable normal sex drive with no outlet other than their hand or a repurposed back massager and theyíre going to have a lot of sexual energy to give. Nerds, believe it or not, have adult sex and because they might not have it as much as some people they obsess over doing it right.
Sure, they may wear glasses with impossibly thick lenses and they might not have the best fashion sense but will that matter when their clothes laying in a pile on the floor?

Want to learn more about hooking up with nerds? Check out the video below!